About us

Makina Hangar

Makina Hangar will charm you liveliness and pleasant atmosphere, attract humored and helpful staff and intimate atmosphere that will always motivate you to return to a place guaranteed fun. During the day you will have the opportunity to enjoy the full experience that Makina Hangar gives you from the top of the morning coffee for a pleasant start of the day, delicious Dalmatian and local delicacies which is offered daily for breakfast and lunch to a wild day on afterbeach parties with a varied selection of drinks and music as well as to thematic dinner with the smell of barbecue and offer the best morality specialties. But the story does not stop here.. see for yourself and visit us. Full stomach and with a top offer of drinks time is guaranted. Your Makina Hangar team!


We placed in city which fascinates their culture and traditions. Your guests are trying provide moments of relaxation, socializing and a lot of ceremony. We provides services meals and drinks on the way to surpass their expectations. The motivation of our employees are encouraged creativity resulting in high-quality of our product. Our priorities are employee satisfaction, trust our guests expressed their second coming.


In our pub and restaurant we are following trends in the world of hospitality market. Ongoing investment we want to be one step ahead of local competiton. We strive to be a place where guests can enjoy traditional food prepared in accordance with the highest standards of hygiene and service in the atmosphere that is both relaxed and professional.


• Provide visitors a homely atmosphere and a wide gastronomic offer based on the quality and originality
• Provide guests a wide range of food and drinks
• Offer other facilities to every visitors and experience more
• Build a brand recognizable in the country and abroad

Call us: 098 910 3190